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Multi level bra sales
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Author:  tsar777 [ Thu Jul 06, 2017 6:59 am ]
Post subject:  Multi level bra sales

Some years ago I joined a multilevel bra sales company. My upline had been in it for years and really knew what she was doing. I was about 22 at the time and she was about 40. She was a 38 J which was nothing to crow about in this group. I went with her to a sales meeting and you talk about breasts. They were huge, The women had gotten into this because they needed industrial strength bras.

The bras went up to an M cup. A lot of the women seemed to be almost that size. Anyway, the group took me under their wing and I had mean big titted friends in no time. We would car pool to various sales events here and there. Eating at Dennys and tits all over the table.

It was the elephant in the middle of the living room. No one talked about their Ripley Believe It or Not sized tits as being abnormal. But they did talk about their tits incessantly. They were very free about stating their bra size. I dated several of these women and made out with them many times.

I got so used to say 38J, that out in society, everyone else seemed tiny in comparison. My 36 D neighbor seemed almost flat chested.

My favorite were the younger thin girls with massive tits that looked like they were about to fall over. And of course there were the nursing moms there too. They would open their blouses and nurse away while we had round table meetings about sales quotas and such.

And we would have Tupperwear type parties and the big breasted girls would simply crawl out of the woodwork. I never knew that there were so many of them. My spline taught me how to properly fit a bra on some of her other underlings.

I learned a few things. Never refer to them as cows, milk cows or bovine in any way. When they nursed their boobs went up several cup sizes. They were always leery of getting into relationships with men fearing they had met a "Big Titty Freak: with no other interest in them.

The bras had back straps that looked like semi tie down straps 3" wide. they would simply destroy regular bras. After a few months other bras would tear apart. Their greatest fear was going on vacation with one bra and having it rip apart from the weight and not being able to find a 38 J in a department store and having to continue their vacation bra less.

I never saw one who had tits that were too large. Although I did prefer the smaller J cup as the optimum size for me. I would up marrying one of my upline peers and were are still together. She still sells the bras and I still go with her to lots of conferences. Our home is always full of big titted down lines seeking advice from my wife.

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