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Kelly Christiansen
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Ever since Kelly Christiansen's Blog video with Dave was posted, there's been a clamoring to see her photos and videos. And for good reasons. Kelly's a total knockout. Her first pictorial and interview from Holiday '10 SCORE was recently published on SCORELAND and now prepare yourselves for the video and matching pictorial "First Time's A Charm." It's Kelly's first XXX scene, something she's been waiting to do and we can thank her husband, a SCORE guy and all-around ultra-generous person, for her being at SCORE. "He said, 'Hey, look, they have this BeASCORE Model website,' so we watched the little introductory video and he said, 'You should do this,'" Kelly told us. It wasn't a brand-new suggestion. They've been married ten years and he's been saying she should model for SCORE for a while. "He's always said, 'You should show off your body,' but I was a little heavier back then so I wasn't very confident. Not comfortable, I guess you could say. Now I'm very comfortable." Her decision to model is just like Jayden Prescott's decision earlier this year. In both cases, a sexually liberated SCORE collector with a smokin' hot, sexually liberated wife wanted to see her join the party and both times, wifey was into the idea to the ultimate degree. It's a fantasy for both and now they've fulfilled it. It doesn't happen often but when it does, it's like hitting the stacked sweepstakes. After this pictorial, roll the video in SCORE Theater and enjoy what big boobed beauty Kelly brings to the big show, 36H-cups and all. She really knows how to treat a man!

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