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Bebe Cooper
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A professional costumer, Bebe Cooper saw our ad for models and sent us her pictures. She lives in Missouri but she's a big Chicago Cubs fan. "I like baseball better live than on TV," says Bebe who is a big reader of novels and comic books, especially Batman. Bebe also loves playing video games on a rainy weekend afternoon. What kind of guys does she like? "I have a thing for the nerdy, cute type. Someone who isn't embarrassed to love what they love even if it isn't the most popular thing. Plus the shy geeky ones always seem to have a little kinky side." Does she have any steady sexual fantasies? "Olive skinned girls with long legs get me hot. If you know one who's looking to share with me and my man, I'm ready. Sex on the hood of a car in a parking lot or in a dressing room. I like the thought that I might get caught." Bebe masturbates when the opportunity arises. "I have a couple of toys that I really like. A big dildo and a cute little vibe I can use at the same time. They make me feel like I'm gonna explode. I also have a great shower massager to wake me up in the morning!"

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